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Real Loans

When you are in need of extra funds and you cannot borrower from a friend or family, a loan would be the best solution for your need. Choosing the right loan can be challenging because you want to get the best deals and there are many types of loans to choose from.

It is important that you understand all the facts about loans before you decide to get one. You must first be certain what you need the money for, how you need to borrower, how much you can afford to repay, and for how long will you have to pay it back.

Real Personal Loans

Loans can be for personal or business purposes. Personal loans are the most common type of loan in the consumer financial market. You can use the money for a personal need. Personal loans can be short-term or long-term, and secured or unsecured.

If you need cash to cover for an emergency expense, you can take out a short-term personal loan. Short-term personal loans are usually small in amount, from $100 to $1,000 and payable in one to twelve months.

If you need a larger amount of money for a huge purchase, or perhaps use it for home renovation or pay off college, then you’ll need to take out a long-term loan. Long-term loans can be up to $50,000 over three to seven years, and they can be either a secured or an unsecured loan.

Secured loans require a valuable asset or your property as the loan collateral, while an unsecured loan is based on your credit history, personal background, and your word of honor. Unsecured loans do not have any solid guarantee. The lender lets you borrow money and trusts that you will repay the loan.

With secured loans, you can get a lower interest rate because a tangible asset guarantees the loan. This means you are less risky. In case of a default, however, the lender can take your asset and sell it to pay off your loan balance. An unsecured loan, on the other hand, may have a higher interest rate and it requires the borrower to have a good credit rating.

Whether you take out a short-term or long-term personal loan, secured or unsecured, what’s important is that you get a safe personal loan from a reputable lender. Beware of scammers and loan sharks. The best way to avoid them is to research about the background of the lender carefully. Check the lender’s website and read customer reviews.

Real Loans Direct Lenders

When you try to search for a lender online, the results will show you a list of direct lenders and brokers. If you are not familiar about this, it will be hard for you to tell the difference. In simple terms, a direct lender is the company who will lend you the money you need, while a broker is an intermediary who will help you find a loan provider.

If you choose to work with a direct lender, you will be working with a single company from the very start of your loan application until your loan is paid up. You provide your personal information to the direct lender who will then assess you. Then, you will be notified whether your loan application is approved or not. If you get an approval, the direct lender will transfer the funds to your bank account in a few hours or within the day. Some lenders may take a few days to process the loan and fund transfer.

On the other hand, a broker is not a lender, but a company or a middleman who will assist you in your search for a loan. You provide the broker your personal details and the broker will forward your personal information to hundreds of lenders. You will then wait for their response. You might be receiving hundreds of calls, text messages, and emails from the lenders contacted by the broker, offering you loan options.

Real Loans for Poor Credit

A poor credit rating can make your loan search a bit more challenging. You can expect that you won’t get the cheapest loan deals that may be available to those with good credit rating. Consequently, you need to find a lender who offer loans specifically designed for people with poor credit.

The interest rate of loans for poor credit is quite high, but it varies among lenders. Find the lender who has the lowest, although still very high, interest rate among poor credit loan offers. It is worthwhile to compare the rates and fees of as many lenders as you can find. You might also want to consider other features of the loan and other fees involved.

Poor credit loans have extremely high interest rate, so make sure you can afford to make the repayments. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a deeper financial trouble. Once you get an approval, use this loan to improve your credit score, so you can qualify for a better deal on your future loan application.

Always choose a lender carefully by reading reviews and checking the lender’s website where you should see all the details of the loan. Don’t settle for any offer from a lender who is not transparent on the interest, fees and the total loan cost.

No Credit Check Real Loans

If you are looking for fast cash, you’ll find them abundant online. Many lenders have embraced the benefits of online banking technology and the internet, which helped the lenders reduce cost and provide more convenience to the borrowers.

Application is simple. You go to the lender’s website, fill out the application form, submit it, and wait for a response. In as little as five minutes, you can get a feedback. If your loan request is accepted, you’ll have the funds transferred in your account in a few hours. This fast and easy loan is quite tempting, but then again, you need to make sure the lender is working legally.

Most of these lenders offer no credit check loans, and they can be very attractive. Again, don’t jump into an offer right away. Make a background check about the lender first. While no credit check loans may seem such a good thing, be careful when dealing with these types of lenders because they might be illegal or a fraud. Note that all lenders are supposed to be required to run a credit check each time you apply for a loan, so any lender who doesn’t do this might be a scammer.

However, there are lenders who are legitimate and still advertise “no credit check” loans. This would mean they do not run a hard credit inquiry, but they will ask you other personal information as their assessment procedure. They will ask your address, employment history, and monthly income. Your address must be the same as the one reflected in your bank details. They need your employment history and monthly income to ensure that you can afford the repayment of your loan.

Best Real Loans

In the US, you’ll find many different types of loans available for every need and credit rating. Because of the increasing competition, lenders including banks have become more flexible and lenient in the recent years with their financial products. Interest rates are cheaper, loan terms are more flexible, and lenders are more open for negotiation.

Banks have become more open even to individuals and businesses. Many banks and nonbank lenders now offer online services for quicker access to cash and faster transaction. However, while the abundance of reputable banks and lenders in the UK, illegal lenders are also abundant. It is also recommended that you check whether the lender an authorized lender before you take out any loan.

Check the address of the lender, their website and see if they are licensed. Check out customer reviews and ratings. Check out all aspects of the loans they offer. A good lender is transparent with all the fees and features of the loan and there should be no hidden charges.

Real Payday Loans

Payday loans are usually marketed to people with poor credit. These loans are small and short-term, usually payable by the borrower’s subsequent paycheck. Many of payday loan lenders now allow installment repayments for over a few weeks or months, but usually less than a year.

The lender may ask you to write a post-dated check or ask you to leave your ATM card as a guarantee for your payment. Other may ask for your bank account details so they can withdraw electronically the amount you owed automatically.

This if totally fine and considerable. Just make sure you are dealing with a legitimate lender. Payday loan lenders are everywhere, so are loan sharks. Seek for a real payday loan lender. Go to the lender’s website and see whether it has a license or authorization.

Take Away

Finding a good deal of a loan can be time-consuming and daunting. With the many types of loans and different lenders everywhere, it is easy to get confused between real and fake loans. Awareness is the key to determining real loans. Understand the basics about loans and about your local laws and policies applicable for loans.

The easiest way to tell the difference between a real loan and a fake is to look for lenders that are licensed or authorized. All licensed lenders follow strict laws imposed in the country or the state and the federal government. Real lenders will mention on their websites that they are licensed and authorized to do business in your state. You can always verify this information by contacting your attorney or any credit regulatory body.

Representative APR 278% Representative Example: £500 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable £672.60. Total Interest £172.60. Interest Rate 140.0% (variable)

* Although lending partners initial eligibility checks involve a soft pull of your credit information, and there is no impact on your credit file at this stage, lending partners may subsequently conduct a hard search, prior to finalising your loan offer. This hard search would stay on your report for 12 months.

** Subject to lender requirements and approval. It may take longer for you to receive your funds. This will depend on your lender, whether your bank accept faster payments and whether the lender requires any additional information or documentation from you to progress your application.